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Psychology and Law Laboratory for Web-based Studies

In joint collaboration between researchers at Florida International University, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, this page collects links to ongoing and past Web-based research projects, for both research and teaching purposes.


The following links are to experiments or studies that are currently collecting data.  Some of the links below may offer payment for complete participation in the experiment or study.  To FIU undergrads: The studies below are NOT registered for psychology course credit.

(Posted 2/10/07): Jurors' Decisions in Assault Cases. By Valerie Perez and Kevin O'Neil (Florida International University).  This study involves a case in which the defendant is accused of assault.

(Posted 10/9/03).  Jury Decision Making Study.  By Dr. Norbert Kerr (Michigan State Univ.) and Dr. Irvin Horowitz (Oregon State Univ.)  This study investigates juror decision making in a murder case, asking participants to read a trial transcript and provide a verdict.


NOTE: Data collection for these projects has been completed.  Further participants are not needed.  These links are provided as a convenient collection and demonstration of past research.  Payment is not currently offered for any study.

Previous research into jury decision making in death penalty cases:

Research into jury decision making in civil cases:

Research into other types of cases:



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IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS, you may contact Kevin O'Neil (FIU) by Email at oneil_k@bellsouth.net, Steven Penrod (John Jay) at spenrod@jjay.cuny.edu, or Rich Wiener (UNL) at rwiener2@unl.edu .